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I love entertaining audiences with original and captivating stories, historical impersonations,  or theatrical monologues lasting about 40 minutes.   I can also produce one of my original plays for your in-house audience. Contact me for details.

Original Stories


Historical Impersonations

In-House Productions

Location: Minneapolis 

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J.B. Eckert as Mr. Macy

Program Offerings


The Minnesota 1st Infantry at Gettysburg

The Very First Heart Transplant in Minnesota

The Old Man, Little Boy, and Mrs. Erwin

Plays: Write, Direct, Produce
(Examples of Past Work)

Pirates of  Harrison Bay  CLICK HERE

The Fairest of Them All  CLICK HERE

 Chickens on The Freeway - Film at 11...The Musical CLICK HERE

Historic Characters

Mr. Macy, Founder of Macy's Department Stores

Governor John Pillsbury of Minnesota

The Woodcutter

Many More Characters: Contact Me


The Fairest of Them All (Original Radio Drama by J.B. Eckert Celebrating Our Beloved State Fair in Stories and Music First performed at Old Log Theater

Pirates of Harrison Bay (Original Radio-Drama by J.B. Eckert) First performed at Old Log Theater

Chickens on the Freeway - Film at 11...The Musical, written, directed and produced by J.B. Eckert


Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Supporting Actor

Production Company | Project Name | 2023


Training &

Write Your Own Short Play (4 hours)

Acting for Fun Workshop (4 hours)

How to Write a Short Memoir (2 Sessions, 2 hours each)

Custom  Presentation (Contact for Details)

Special Skills

JBEckert delights audiences of all ages, not just seniors.  He can often develop a custom presentation for your group.  Contact him to discuss this option: CONTACT